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Paula Reyes – Yoga Journey from Cancer through Recovery

My Bikram Yoga Journey – Paula Reyes, BYT Teacher and Studio Manager In the midst of several hard years, I was barely recovering from grieving from a divorce when I lost a job of sixteen years. In retrospect,  I ask …

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Testimonial from Toneka Post – She Needed a Miracle

“I have lived my entire life in back pain. I canʼt remember a time I didnʼt have it. I was born with congenital scoliosis. My spine was at 57% curve and 35% curve. At 13 years old I underwent spinal …

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Student of the Month Dec 2016 – Rosy Romo

Five years ago, a friend suggested I try Bikram yoga to help cope with my postpartum depression.  Not wanting to resort to prescribed medications, I practiced 30 classes in 28 days. Not only did my postpartum depression go away, but …

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Student of the Month October 2016 – Alma Fontes

Attending a gym and not finding the workout that would balance my mind, body, and soul, I happened to stumbled upon BYT.  Not knowing anything about it, I bought a Groupon pass and committed for an entire month. High anxiety …

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BYT Student of the Month March 2015 – Bradley Anderson

Posted on by katy

We’re happy to announce that Bradley Anderson has been selected as Bikram Yoga Temecula’s Student of the Month for March 2015. His strong focus and determination made him a likely candidate. Bradley’s enthusiasm and energetic personality can be both inspiring and contagious for those around him. He has a commitment to a steady and consistent practice of 4-5 times per week which has brought about in him a tremendous change.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.46.43 PM

“Practicing at Bikram Yoga Temecula for the past six months has transformed my life. Changed it. Completely. Inside out. My shoulder, the one that was operated on, is opening up like never before and the chronic pain I’ve had for years isn’t as strong as it was. I sleep deeper, my anxiety level has plummeted and I feel more relaxed and stronger inside than I have in many, many years. I feel a huge sense of being grounded and without any of those nagging fears. ” 

After making the decision to sell his construction business he had managed for over 20 years and see his children grown and on their own, Bradley, 60, felt it was time for a long awaited move for himself in a completely different direction. An avid surfer (both internationally and local) Bradley has always been active and has taken good care of himself. In the past the gym had always provided enough exercise with the free weights and machines, yet something deeper, something more satisfying was needed.

2015031095143626“I’d heard about yoga and had seen people practicing it in the gym, yet never took to it. It wasn’t for me at the time.” Then, sometime back in October 2014 Bradley came across an opportunity to try Bikram yoga and he hasn’t looked back since the first pranayama.

“I’m going to keep up my steady practice and I’m pretty excited to see where my path goes.” Bradley tends to practice in the mornings so when you see him take a moment and congratulate him for the work he’s done and being selected as Student of the Month. Way to go, Bradley!

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