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    Paula Reyes – Yoga Journey from Cancer through Recovery

    My Bikram Yoga Journey – Paula Reyes, BYT Teacher and Studio Manager In the midst of several hard years, I was barely recovering from grieving from a divorce when I lost a job of sixteen years. In retrospect,  I ask …

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    Testimonial from Toneka Post – She Needed a Miracle

    “I have lived my entire life in back pain. I canʼt remember a time I didnʼt have it. I was born with congenital scoliosis. My spine was at 57% curve and 35% curve. At 13 years old I underwent spinal …

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    Student of the Month Dec 2016 – Rosy Romo

    Five years ago, a friend suggested I try Bikram yoga to help cope with my postpartum depression.  Not wanting to resort to prescribed medications, I practiced 30 classes in 28 days. Not only did my postpartum depression go away, but …

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    Student of the Month October 2016 – Alma Fontes

    Attending a gym and not finding the workout that would balance my mind, body, and soul, I happened to stumbled upon BYT.  Not knowing anything about it, I bought a Groupon pass and committed for an entire month. High anxiety …

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    Beginning Class Schedule: Perfect for the New Student

    You will find a great variety of class times and quality instructors, combined with affordable costs will give you all that you need to build and maintain your health & wellness.

    Mon      6am/9am/5pm/7pm(60min)|
    Tues     9am/5pm(60min)/6:30pm
    Wed      6am/9am/11am Yin/5pm
    Thurs  9am /11am(60min)/6:30pm
    Fri         6am/9am/5pm
    Sat         8am/10am/4:30pm
    Sun       10am/3pm/5:15pm Yin

    Additional Classes Offered:

    Yin Yoga –              Wed 11pm/Sun 5:15pm

    Bikram 60 Min-    Mon 7pm/Tues 5pm/Thurs 11am

    Click here to go to the online schedule