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    Student of the Month March ’16 – David Spindler

    One of our first students here at Bikram Yoga Temecula, David, 52, has been practicing various forms of yoga for about ten years. He began practicing yoga hoping to ease his lower back pain, brought on by years of construction …

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    Bikram Yoga Helps Paulette Feraldi Hike the Grand Canyon in One Day!

    Do you remember that special goal setting yoga class in January that so many of us attended? Katy had us all share our own personal goal for 2016.   My goal was to hike to the bottom of the Grand …

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    How to Improve Your Bikram Yoga Practice – Tip #2: Try the Right Way

    This is the second of five tips for the month to help you improve your Bikram Yoga practice! As students, we so often want to be able to do everything in class, but due to old injuries, inflexibility or previously …

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    How to Improve Your Bikram Yoga Practice- Tip #1: Just Breathe

    A few years ago, an extremely fit male professional athlete came to me after several classes and said, “I don’t get it.  This is the hardest thing I have ever done.  I am sitting down in class, and can’t catch …

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    Beginning Class Schedule: Perfect for the
    New Student


    You will find a great variety of class times, quality instructions, convenience combined with affordable costs will give you all that you need to build and maintain your health & wellness.


                                          Mon     6am/9:30am/5:00pm/7:00pm
                                          Tues     9:30am/4:30pm/6:30pm
                                          Wed     6am/9:30am/5:00pm/7:00pm
                                          Thurs   9:30am/4:30pm/6:30pm
                                          Fri         6am/9:30am/5:00pm
                                          Sat        8:00am/10:00am/3:00pm
                                          Sun       8:00am/10:00am/3:00pm

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