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    Bikram Yoga Postures

    Standing Deep Breathing (Pranayama)

    • Good for the lungs and respiratory system
    • Helps lung reach maximum expansion capacity
    • Good for asthma, shortness of breath, and nervousness
    • Increases circulation to the body

    Half moon (Ardha Chandrasana)

    • Gives quick energy and vitality
    • Heats up the body
    • Trims stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs
    • Improves flexibility of the spine
    • Promotes proper kidney function
    • Cures enlargement of liver and spleen

    Hands-to-Feet Pose (Pada Hastasana)

    • Improves blood circulation to the brain and legs
    • Increases of flexibility of spine and sciatic nerves
    • Strengthens the biceps of thighs and calves
    • Strengthens rectus abdominus, gluteus maximus, oblique, deltoid and trapezius muscles

    Awkward pose – (Utkatasana)

    • Strengthens and firms muscles of thighs, calves and hips
    • Increases flexibility of hip joints
    • Firms upper arms
    • Relieves joint and muscular pain
    • Increases circulation to knees and ankles
    • Relieves rheumatism, arthritis and gout
    • Helps cure slipped disc and lumbago in lower spine

    Eagle pose (Garurasana)

    • Flushes out the kidneys
    • Brings blood to sexual organs
    • Improves sexual vitality
    • Firms calves, thighs, hips, abdomen, and upper arms
    • Improves flexibility of the major joints in the body (hips, knees, ankles)
    • Strengthens latissimus dorsi, trapezius and deltoid muscles

    Standing Head to Knee Pose (Dandayamana Janushirasana)

    • Develops concentration, determination and patience
    • Good for cardiovascular system
    • Tightens abdominal and thigh muscles
    • Improves flexibility of the sciatic nerves
    • Strengthens tendons, biceps of thigh muscles, and hamstrings in legs

    Standing Bow Pose (Dandayamana Dhanurasana)

    • Increases circulation to heart and lungs
    • Improves elasticity of the spine
    • Creates marriage between strength and balance
    • Activates digestive system

    Balancing Stick Pose (Tulandandasana)

    • Increases blood flow all over the body at the same time
    • Allows all arteries of the heart to receive blood flow
    • Preventative for cardiac problems
    • Relieves stress from spine
    • Builds strength in lower extremities
    • Works all muscles of spine and lower extremeties

    Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose (Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana)

    • Good for depression, loss of memory, constipation and abdominal obesity
    • Increases circulation to adrenal glands
    • Increases circulation to brain
    • Strengthens diaphram
    • Releases tension in lower back muscles

    Triangle Pose (Trikanasana)

    • Works all muscles, joints, tendons and internal organs
    • Revitalizes nerves, veins, and tissues
    • Compression good for kidneys
    • Firms upper thighs and hips, slims waistline and improves muscles upper arms
    • Cadiovascular benefit with little movement

    Standing Separate Leg Head-to-Knee Pose (Dandayamana Janushirasana)

    • Good for digestive and endocrine systems, metabolism, body chemistry and immune system
    • Slims abdomen, waistline, hips, buttocks and upper thighs
    • Increases the flexibility of the spine and the sciatic nerves and of most of the tendons and ligaments of the legs, and strengthens the biceps of thighs and calves.
    • Improves blood circulation in the legs and to the brain, and strengthens the rectus abdominus, gluteus maximus, oblique, deltoid, and trapezius muscles.

    Tree pose (Tadasana)

    • Creates hip and knee flexibility
    • Creates total body traction
    • Releases abdominal tension
    • Good for arthritis, rheumatism, circulatory disorders and lower extremity weakness
    • Preparation for lotus pose

    Toe Stand (Padangustasana)

    • Develops psychological and mental powers-especially patience
    • Physically, it helps to cure gout and rheumatism of the knees, ankles and feet.
    • Helps cure hemorrhoid problems

    Wind-Removing Pose (Pavanamuktasana)

    • Cures and prevents flatulence which is source of most chronic abdominal discomforts
    • Improves flexibility of hip joints
    • Firms abdomen, thighs and hips

    Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

    • Good for digestion, kyphosis, scoliosis, low back pain, blood pressure, menstrual disorders, spondylo-arthritis of lumbar spine
    • Increases spine strength especially in the lower spine

    Locust Pose  (Salabhasana)

    • Good for gout, back pain, lumbago, blood pressure, sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, slipped disc, spondylosis, tennis elbow, varicose veins
    • Increases spine strength especially in the upper spine

    Full Locust Pose (Poorna Salabhasana)

    • Good for low back pain, low blood pressure, scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylosis, varicose veins
    • Increases spine strength especially in the middle spine

    Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

    • Good for anorexia, bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, low back pain, obstructive lung disease, scoliosis and kyphosis
    • Increases strength of entire spine

    Fixed Firm Pose (Supta Vajrasana)

    • Increases circulation to the lower limbs
    • Strengthens and improves the flexibility of the lower spine, hips, knees and ankle joints
    • Good for lower back pain, sciatica, gout, rheumatism and varicose veins
    • Helps prevent hernia
    • Strengthens psoas muscules

    Half Tortoise Pose (Ardha Kurmasana)

    • Good for indigestion, flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, anorexia, diabetes and low back pain
    • Stretches the lower part of the lungs (good for asthma)
    • Increases flexibility of the hip joints and muscles of the shoulder joints
    • Relieves neck and shoulder tension, low back pain and firms abdomen and thighs
    • Increases blood flow to the brain (good for memory and mental clarity)

    Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

    • Excellent for postural alignment
    • Creates maximum compression of the spine which stimulates the nervous system
    • Improves flexibility of the neck and spine, relieves backache, helps kypho-scolitic deformities and cervical spondylosis

    Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana)

    • Creates maximum extension of the spine increasing the mobility and elasticity of spine and back muscles
    • Good for depression, headaches, insomnia, diabetes and respiratory illness
    • Good for thyroid and parathyroid glands
    • Relieves tension in neck, shoulders and back muscles

    Stretching Pose Paschimotthanasana

    • Improves flexibility of the sciatic nerve and joints of the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists
    • Increases flexibilty of the last five vertebrae of the spine
    • Excellent for the immune and lymphatic systems
    • Increases circulation to the liver, spleen, pancreas, thyroid, thymus and intestines
    • Good for allergies and arthritis

    Half Spinal Twist Pose (Ardha Matsendrasana)

    • Improves flexibility of the spine and hip joints
    • Relieves back pain and helps prevent slipped discs
    • Good for lumbago, rheumatism of the spine, kyphosis, scoliosis, cervical spondylosis and arthritis
    • Increases circulation to the spinal nerves, veins and tissues
    • Calms the nervous system

    Blowing in Firm Pose (Kapalbhati in Vajrasana)

    • Strengthens all the abdominal organs and increases the circulation
    • Strengthens the abdominal wall and trims the waistline
    • Allows the body to release toxins through the respiratory system