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    Testimonial from Toneka Post – She Needed a Miracle

    “I have lived my entire life in back pain. I canʼt remember a time I didnʼt have it. I was born with congenital scoliosis. My spine was at 57% curve and 35% curve. At 13 years old I underwent spinal …

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    Student of the Month Dec 2016 – Rosy Romo

    Five years ago, a friend suggested I try Bikram yoga to help cope with my postpartum depression.  Not wanting to resort to prescribed medications, I practiced 30 classes in 28 days. Not only did my postpartum depression go away, but …

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    Student of the Month October 2016 – Alma Fontes

    Attending a gym and not finding the workout that would balance my mind, body, and soul, I happened to stumbled upon BYT.  Not knowing anything about it, I bought a Groupon pass and committed for an entire month. High anxiety …

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    Our Teachers

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    Katy Katzmann
    Studio Owner/Director

    You will immediately relax as you hear the security and strength in Katy’s voice. Katy will push you and at the same time provide compassion and detail while you are in the postures. Her rhythm and flow is so easy to follow that you find yourself completely in the moment and in your own zone. Katy will inspire you to do your best, and at the same time allow you to connect with yourself because “it’s your practice”.

    Katy is married to an amazing man and mother of two beautiful teenagers. Before opening BYT, she worked as a math and technology teacher both in California and overseas. A yoga practitioner for 20 years, she started her Bikram Yoga practice in 2007, never looked back, and her back has never felt better. Yoga is her medicine. Outside of the yoga room, she loves to backpack/hike, travel and spend time with her family. She owns and runs BYT with her husband and best friend, Phillip.

    Bikram Yoga Teacher Training; Los Angeles, Spring 2011
    Bikram Yoga Teacher Recertification; Costa Rica, August 2015


    Phillip Katzmann
    Studio Owner/Facility Manager


    Phillip welcomes you the moment he walks in the room, and takes time to notice that you are there. His timing and attention will keep you motivated and moving through the class, while he reminds you to “ABB….Always Be Breathing.”   No question is too small for Phillip as he is a teacher at heart and gives his time to guide you to find your answer.

    Phillip brings over 30 years of teaching science and coaching sports to BYT. He is an outdoor enthusiast and you just might hear about one of the many peaks he has just bagged. When he is not at the studio or at home with his family, we don’t necessarily know where to find him but we do know that he is somewhere breathing fresh high-elevation mountain air.

    Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, Spring 2012


    Rosy Romo

    The first thing you will notice about Rosy is her beaming smile as she greats you at the front desk and then on the podium.   You will feel her care in every command as she motivates you to push beyond your limitations. Her personal commitment to Bikram Yoga is the foundation of her teaching and she continually inspires new students to develop a regular yoga practice. Rosy was at BYT to help out before we even opened the doors, came 105 days straight to class, and was the first student at the studio to become a teacher.

    Before teaching yoga, Rosy was a Sign Language Interpreter. She is married and has a beautiful five year old daughter. Originally, a friend suggested she try Bikram Yoga to help cope with postpartum depression.  She did not want to resort to medications as her doctor had prescribed, so she signed up for a 30 Day Challenge. Not only did her postpartum depression go away, but she lost excess weight and gained a personal connection with herself that she had never experienced.

    Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, Los Angeles, Fall 2013


    Monica Hernandez

    Monica’s soothing and inspirational voice keeps you going throughout the entire class. Listen carefully as she will drop a pearl of knowledge that may take you one step deeper. Her experienced smile will you assure you that everything is OK as you push yourself just a little bit further.

    Monica turned to Bikram Yoga to combat stress, high cholesterol level and severe back pain rather than take high doses of pain killers prescribed by her doctor. She believes learning is a never-ending endeavor and is committed to continuing her education to learn more about yoga. Monica loves reading about human behavior, spirituality, anatomy and of course yoga. She also enjoys taking care of her family, playing and taking walks with her dogs. Monica loves the outdoors and to be in contact with nature whether it is the mountains or the beach.

    Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, Los Angeles, Fall 2012
    Yoga Therapy Certification, Bishnu Gosh College of India, Sept 2015
    Yoga for Trauma Training, Uprising Yoga


    Francisco Rufino


    From the moment Francisco steps into the room, the class has begun…so be ready to give it your all! Francisco sees more energy and strength inside you than you ever knew you possessed. As he methodically guides you through the postures, you will harness your own potential and learn to go to your personal maximum. He is continually inspired to learn more about Bikram Yoga to help share with his students.

    Before Bikram Yoga, Francisco was working in the business world. He has a bachelor degree in Business Management and a Masters in Business Administration. Knowing that every step prepared him for the next, he says, “ Mainly I was in the corporate world getting ready for my new adventure in Yoga!!”   Francisco frequently attends workshops and seminars in yoga and when he is not teaching, he likes to spend time with family, read, practice meditation and Reiki, watch a good movie, and go out for a delicious food!!!.

    Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, San Diego, Fall 2010


    Jan Dumruttana


    Jan’s welcoming presence and full attention to detail will set you on your path right from the beginning of class. Her calm focus and strength will make you want to work hard and do your very best. In teacher training, Jan earned the “Bengal Tiger Strength” award, and once you take her class you will see why. Jan was the second student at BYT to become a teacher.

    Before teaching yoga, Jan graduated with a B.S. in Biology, studied physiology in graduate school in Bangkok, and worked for a health care management company. Jan started yoga because she “could not dance and lacked coordination”. Even though she lacked flexibility at the time, after a few classes she could see a difference. Jan says, “People sometimes ask me if I was a dancer and remark upon my flexibility. I am proof that flexibility can be developed if one just keeps trying the right way.”

    Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, Phuket, Thailand, Fall 2014


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