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    BYT Student of the Month March 2015 – Bradley Anderson

    We’re happy to announce that Bradley Anderson has been selected as Bikram Yoga Temecula’s Student of the Month for March 2015. His strong focus and determination made him a likely candidate. Bradley’s enthusiasm and energetic personality can be both inspiring …

    BYT January 2015 Student of the Month….Kasha Fadaie!

    A hearty congratulations to Kasha Fadaie for being selected as BYT January’s Student of the Month! Kasha, 40 years old and a father of two, has been practicing at Bikram Yoga Temecula with an unwavering dedication of four to five …

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    BYT Student of the Month March 2015 – Bradley Anderson

    Posted on by katy in Uncategorized

    We’re happy to announce that Bradley Anderson has been selected as Bikram Yoga Temecula’s Student of the Month for March 2015. His strong focus and determination made him a likely candidate. Bradley’s enthusiasm and energetic personality can be both inspiring and contagious for those around him. He has a commitment to a steady and consistent practice of 4-5 times per week which has brought about in him a tremendous change.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.46.43 PM

    “Practicing at Bikram Yoga Temecula for the past six months has transformed my life. Changed it. Completely. Inside out. My shoulder, the one that was operated on, is opening up like never before and the chronic pain I’ve had for years isn’t as strong as it was. I sleep deeper, my anxiety level has plummeted and I feel more relaxed and stronger inside than I have in many, many years. I feel a huge sense of being grounded and without any of those nagging fears. ” 

    After making the decision to sell his construction business he had managed for over 20 years and see his children grown and on their own, Bradley, 60, felt it was time for a long awaited move for himself in a completely different direction. An avid surfer (both internationally and local) Bradley has always been active and has taken good care of himself. In the past the gym had always provided enough exercise with the free weights and machines, yet something deeper, something more satisfying was needed.

    2015031095143626“I’d heard about yoga and had seen people practicing it in the gym, yet never took to it. It wasn’t for me at the time.” Then, sometime back in October 2014 Bradley came across an opportunity to try Bikram yoga and he hasn’t looked back since the first pranayama.

    “I’m going to keep up my steady practice and I’m pretty excited to see where my path goes.” Bradley tends to practice in the mornings so when you see him take a moment and congratulate him for the work he’s done and being selected as Student of the Month. Way to go, Bradley!

    BYT January 2015 Student of the Month….Kasha Fadaie!

    Posted on by katy in Press-and-News

    A hearty congratulations to Kasha Fadaie for being selected as BYT January’s Student of the Month!

    Kasha Head to Knee

    Kasha, 40 years old and a father of two, has been practicing at Bikram Yoga Temecula with an unwavering dedication of four to five times per week over the past two years. When Kasha walked in the studio for the first time on the evening of January 19th, 2013 he knew there was something powerful, yet calming about the practice. “Practicing Bikram Yoga Kasha said, afforded me a vision. I can see exactly where I want to go and how I can get there.” And Kasha has come a long way over these past two years.

    Earlier in his life, Kasha’s physical stamina was low. He didn’t have much perseverance. However, after practicing Bikram Yoga with a steady clip an enormous reserve of staying power and vitality was discovered inside of him. “I had heard that Bikram Yoga increases fortitude and determination, yet being the pragmatic guy that I am, I needed evidence… tangible results.”

    Kasha Awkward PoseKasha was invited on an 18 mile bicycle ride with a younger, 25 year old friend and much to his surprise Kasha was not only able to keep up with his younger friend the entire ride, he had none of the familiar aches and pains the following few days that most experienced riders might feel. “The pranayama and the asanas have opened my lungs and blood vessels to the point I can now take in a significantly more amount of oxygen than before. I just don’t get tired any more like I used to.”

    With his continued practice of Bikram Yoga, Kasha has also found a sense of peace, an and an acceptance in life. “I feel as though the power to decide and choose what I want for my life is mine. No one else’s. The discipline and focus the practice requires enables me to control my mind, thereby controlling my destiny.”

    As a final comment, Kasha shares: “Most importantly, my practice of Bikram Yoga permits my mind and body to break down all barriers and all limitations. It simply shatters them!’

    BYT Student of the Month Dec 2014 – Abby Joseph

    Posted on by katy in Studio Annoucements, Testimonial

    “I hadn’t ridden my road bike in over seven years, which I really love to do and my husband and I rode 50 miles through Valley Center, Rice Canyon, Rainbow this past summer in 100 degree weather and I tell you he was gassed. I mean gassed to the max. Me? It was though I hadn’t skipped a beat. It’s the Bikram and the pranayama. That’s it.”  

    Bikram  Yoga Temecula’s November’s Student of the Month goes to Abby Joseph, who has been practicing at Bikram Yoga Temecula consistently since opening day in December 2012. Abby, who has four children, seven grandchildren, and works full time as a social worker continues to find the time to practice in the hot room 4-5 times per week. “I have a Type A personality and have found I can better manage my daily stress and I’m far more calm, both inside and out when I practice.” Abby, age 47, continues to surf and paddle board at her favorite spots in Carlsbad and Oceanside and has no plans to slow down or stop. 

    Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.53.58 PM

    Abby finds the Bikram practice safe, predictable, and is never bored with it. She remarked with a smile, “I’m always working on my postures to get them a little better each time because I’ve learned ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’.” Each day I want to get my practice  a little better and better which will help my surfing and paddle boarding get a little better and better.” 

    Congratulations to Abby!

    BYT Student of the Month Nov 2014 – Evelyn Murphy

    Posted on by katy in Press-and-News, Studio Annoucements

    “There’s really no completion with my Bikram Yoga. I’m always working my postures – tweaking them here, pushing a bit there. The way I see it, I have a lifetime to get them all right.”  



    We’re pleased to announced that Bikram Yoga Temecula has chosen Evelyn Murphy, age 65- going on 25, as our first candidate for BYT Student of the Month. Evelyn has been practicing at Bikram Yoga Temecula since the second day we opened, December 18th 2012, and has logged a total of, get this, 313 times totaling 470 hours in our hot room!  You may recognize Evelyn by her friendly demeanor throughout the studio, or determination to make even the smallest of corrections to improve her practice.  

    Evelyn Murphy A practicing Bikram yogini for the past 17 years, she doesn’t plan to stop anytime in the near future. Originally from Boston, Evelyn was introduced to Bikram Yoga by one of her daughters and after experiencing her first 90 minutes she felt she may have found a way to extend her lifelong passion of competitive horseback riding. Evelyn has found that the discipline, tenacity, and strength required in the Bikram hot room aids greatly improving the skills required for her local and regional competitions. Between her equestrian competitions, full time work, and  managing her avocado orchard, she still finds time to practice yoga 4-5 times per week. 

    Congratulations to Evelyn!

    Special 4th of July Schedule

    Posted on by katy in Press-and-News

    Please note schedule for the 4th of July weekend!

    Fri, July 4th: STUDIO CLOSED (Classes cancelled)
    Sat, July 5th: 8am and 10am
    Sun, July 6th: 8am and 10am (4pm closed)

    Enjoy your weekend and see you in the hot room!

    Bikram Yoga Testimonial – Bethany W.

    Posted on by katy in Press-and-News, Testimonial

    bethanyI don’t know where I’d be without Bikram yoga! I’ve been a fit person my entire life. I was a dancer, gym addict and health nut but could not find that balance from my work-outs. I was always striving to lose that last ten pounds, find relief from my anxiety and find a way to create peace in my heart and my life. Bikram yoga has given my all of this, plus much more! I found it five years ago at age 40, at a time when my life seemed like a wild roller coaster ride that I just couldn’t get off of! During my first class, I cried because I knew that I’d found what I’d been searching for. I just wish I’d found it 25 years ago! Since then, I’ve made peace with my body, and feel healthier than ever. I have a place to go where I can shut off my mind, focus on myself and practice postures that give me a combination of cardio, meditation and stretching that is unbelievably refreshing and incredibly invigorating. It’s become a healthy addiction and my wish is that everyone could experience and benefit in the same way that I have. 

    My husband practices and finds that it gives him a calm that is essential in his job, stays trim and what’s truly amazing, has found that it relieves the pain and tightness in his knees from two knee surgeries! It’s also cleared up a chronic nasal condition, that he’s suffered from his entire life. My 16 year old son practices for mental clarity, focus and just because it makes him feel incredible! He also is convinced that it clears up his skin when his acne is bad. My 12 year old son goes periodically and loves how it makes him feel and helps his posture. 

    Over the past five years, I’ve practiced in many Bikram studios and I’m so thankful for Philip and Katy’s studio. They truly love and care about all of their students and are always willing to listen, encourage or offer any suggestions to strengthen my practice. Thanks to Bikram yoga, I’m continually learning more and more about my body, finding mental peace and acceptance and finding that it spills over into my relationships, decision making and over-all peace of mind. Bikram yoga is nourishment for the soul and definitely the gift to yourself and others that keeps on giving!

    Congratulations 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challengers!

    Posted on by katy in Press-and-News

    You did it!  30 classes in 35 days, and looking great!  


    Abby Joseph
    Dalette Hilson
    Jessica Manning
    Niki Wakelin
    Jami Aguilar
    Nancy Ashley
    Peace Light
    Abby Joseph
    Kasha Fadaie

    Not Pictured:
    Jenni Streicher
    Stephanie Strosrider
    Maria Garcia
    Bethany Williams

    Your commitment to yourselves has been an inspiration to those around you. And we love those smiling, happy faces!

    Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge…Final Day Thursday, Dec 5th!

    Posted on by katy in Press-and-News

    We have 13 students currently completing the Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge…great job!  You all look vibrant and strong, and it has been a pleasure to see your smiling happy faces in the studio each day.  Final day is this Thursday, December 5th!  Please join us for a celebration this Saturday, December 7 at 12pm for photos, food, T-shirts and fun.  Everyone is welcome!




    Thanksgiving Class, Thursday November 28th, 8am ONLY!

    Posted on by katy in Studio Annoucements

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a reminder that we are having only one class on Thanksgiving at 8:00am.  Please plan to attend and arrive early.  Doors will open at 7:15am and you can sign up online to let us know you are coming.  Regular schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


    Come out and prepare for the best Thanksgiving ever!



    Posted on by katy in Yoga Philosophy

    In today’s increasingly busy and stressful world, it’s difficult to find the time for yourself.  For those who have begun a Bikram Yoga practice….Bravo! In the midst of your busy day, you’ve made a commitment to yourself. Now, here you are in a 90 minute hot yoga class, ready to take the time, yet your mind won’t let you relax.

    In the Bikram Yoga room, you’ll meet yourself face-to-face in the mirror.  You have 90 minutes to work, with the guidance of a trained teacher, on connecting with your body to perform 26 postures and two breathing exercises which strengthen your overall health, wellness, and vitality.  The Bikram Yoga series, always the same 26 postures, is done in room heated to 105-110 degrees F and 40-50% humidity allowing you to relax, focus more deeply, and let your mind go while you perform each posture to the best of your ability.  

    So what makes it so difficult?   You know just what to do, so why is it so much more difficult to keep focus some days than others?  

    In the yoga room, distractions which you create or choose to acknowledge, hold you back in your practice.   “The room is too hot”,  “The room is too cold”, “I ate too much”, “I think I’m dehydrated”, “This teacher is annoying”, “My shorts are sliding off”, “Wow! I need a pedicure”, “Why didn’t I eat something for breakfast?”, “What time is it?”, “I don’t do this posture very well”, “Who is that bendy girl in the front?”, “The sweat is making my face itch”, “I am almost out of water”…and the mind goes on and on and on.

    Distractions are a daily challenge in keeping our focus and staying on our path.  The mind is a collection of thoughts and ideas you’ve gathered, and often not supportive of your true desires.  Through your yoga practice, you can learn to turn off the mind and connect with your true self.  Even if only for a moment, you can realize who you are by letting go of your comfortable, habitual distractions which come in the form of your very own thoughts.   

     In Bikram Yoga, you are given tools to help you focus.  First, you will use the mirror to actually see your body and focus on your movements in the postures.  Next, teachers give you specific commands to lead you into and out of each posture. You don’t have to think.  By moving at the same time as the teacher speaks, you are truly in the moment and connecting your mind with your body.  In addition, the heat creates a challenging environment, which forces you to keep your mind focused to prevent running out of the room.  Bright lights are another tool that help us stay aware of our bodies throughout the class. 

    Often times, your mind turns these “tools” into distractions.  The student next to you is sweating too much, the teacher is too loud, the new student behind you is moving around too much in the mirror, you feel like everyone is looking at you in this bright room, etc….  How can you keep your focus?  

    The answer: Practice.  As you keep up a consistent practice, you’ll notice it’s 90% mind over the matter.  You’ll choose to follow the distraction, or you’ll choose to keep your focus.  The concept is simple, but distractions are plentiful.  When you are faced with a difficult moment in class, use it as an opportunity to practice concentrating. Bring your focus back to your breath, again and again.  When you’re ready, continue in the posture by moving with the teacher’s words.

    Bikram Yoga classes are designed to minimize distractions with strict guidelines such as specific water breaks, lining mats up on the lines, facing the same way, moving together in the postures, scripted dialogue to guide students through the postures, staying in the room for the entire 90 minutes and of course, teaching students how to breathe.  By completing the same 26 posture series, and repeating each pose, in each class you will go deeper and deeper into your understanding of the postures, yoga, and yourself.  

    You are the object of your own practice, and the practice is a journey that will take you to places only limited by you.  So start simple… listen and breathe.  And let nothing steal your peace!


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