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Paula Reyes – Yoga Journey from Cancer through Recovery

My Bikram Yoga Journey – Paula Reyes, BYT Teacher and Studio Manager In the midst of several hard years, I was barely recovering from grieving from a divorce when I lost a job of sixteen years. In retrospect,  I ask …

Testimonial from Toneka Post – She Needed a Miracle

“I have lived my entire life in back pain. I canʼt remember a time I didnʼt have it. I was born with congenital scoliosis. My spine was at 57% curve and 35% curve. At 13 years old I underwent spinal …

Student of the Month Dec 2016 – Rosy Romo

Five years ago, a friend suggested I try Bikram yoga to help cope with my postpartum depression.  Not wanting to resort to prescribed medications, I practiced 30 classes in 28 days. Not only did my postpartum depression go away, but …

Student of the Month October 2016 – Alma Fontes

Attending a gym and not finding the workout that would balance my mind, body, and soul, I happened to stumbled upon BYT.  Not knowing anything about it, I bought a Groupon pass and committed for an entire month. High anxiety …

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Paula Reyes – Yoga Journey from Cancer through Recovery

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My Bikram Yoga Journey – Paula Reyes, BYT Teacher and Studio Manager

In the midst of several hard years, I was barely recovering from grieving from a divorce when I lost a job of sixteen years. In retrospect,  I ask myself did I lose that job or did that job lose me? But at that time I was devastated. 

Paula before she knew she had cancer.

I found myself working as a cashier at Organic Roots where I met Phillip the BYT studio owner. I asked him about Bikram Yoga.  He explained the practice and the benefits of the practice and it resonated with me. It sounded exactly how I wanted it to feel.  At the time,  I was having breathing issues which doctors had diagnosed as asthma. I showed up for my first Bikram Yoga class at 6am and was determined to practice three times a week, hoping I could fit in more classes with in my busy work schedule.  I was juggling two jobs at that time.

During my first class I thought,  “Oh boy! What did I sign myself up for?” It was hard and I barely did any poses.  I spent most of the class sitting down and getting up to try again.  By the time I was trying to get into the postures everyone else was done!

I went to work after my 6am class and I had this unbelievable energy.  I was so excited I was telling everyone about Hot Yoga. I did better in my second class and even though I was still having breathing issues I managed to do more of the postures.  I noticed that day I craved more vegetables, fruits and definitely I was drinking more water than what I was used to. I rested so well that night!  

I was in the middle of my third class when I had an emotional break down.  Something came over me at one point when I was looking at myself in the mirror during tree pose.  My body looked sick to me. I looked very tired, and I felt so sad about that person in the mirror.  I couldn’t help it… I had to run out to the bathroom and break down in tears.  I was too embarrassed to do it in class. The emotions were so powerful but I gathered myself up and went back to finish my class.  I was determined to keep going.

Paula during her first chemo treatment

I went on with my busy work days, but unfortunately I was not able to go back to Bikram Yoga because that weekend what I thought was asthma turned out to be cancer. “How is that even possible?” I asked. After several medical procedures and tests I found out that it was Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. It had taken over my right lung therefore my right lung had collapsed.  No wonder I was having problems breathing! I was walking around functioning with one lung.  

I was very fortunate to have found a great group of doctors who took care of me and put a plan into action very fast. I started chemotherapy right away..then surgery…then more chemotherapy. Yes. I was out of commission for one full year.  During that year when I was feeling too sick and weak, Bikram Yoga was in my mind. I wanted to feel good again, I wanted to feel strong, I wanted to have good clean energy. I wanted to breathe! But at that time I could barely take a few steps from my bed to the bathroom.

Paula took up hiking in between chemotherapy treatments

My last chemotherapy treatment was December 23, 2015. Best Christmas gift ever! On January 26, 2016 I went back to Bikram Yoga and haven’t stopped since. My first couple of weeks back were not the best.  I was uncomfortable. I felt like vomiting so often and dizzy. I was very weak but even though my body was not liking it, my mind was loving it! I would go home after class and feel on top of the world! I was so inspired by the other students and instructors. 

I remember sitting in the back of the yoga room for the most part and just visualizing myself doing a Standing Bow or Balancing Stick. I would visualize my body healthy and strong. I showed up to class just about everyday for three months.  Everyday was challenging but my body was getting stronger. Bikram Yoga became my Happy Place. I loved being part of the Bikram Yoga community. The owners Katy and Phillip made me feel welcome in their beautiful studio. The instructors were so inspiring and caring. I was going through a roller coaster of emotions and high anxiety during this time in my life, but I felt safe and comfortable in that environment.

Paula shaves her head during chemo

Paula two months after starting Bikram Yoga

Three months later the moment of truth arrived. It was time to go back to the doctors to get several tests done and find out if that horrible cancer had left my body completely. You would probably think that I was nervous, anxious to find out. But, no. I wasn’t!  I had this peace in my heart and soul. All I knew was that I felt amazing. I had never felt like that before. I can honestly say I felt like a new person. The doctors and nurses couldn’t believe how healthy I looked after only three months after finishing treatment. OK… So I looked and felt amazing! To match that, there were the test results, everything on paper was picture perfect. My lung specialist said “I want to frame these test results” My nutrition levels were perfect. The alkalinity in my blood… perfect.  My lungs were clean as a whistle. Yes! My right lung that had collapsed due to cancer cells was clean.  I DID IT.  That horrible cancer was dormant and I was feeling on top of the world!


But then the oncologist spoke. He recommended one more year of preventive chemotherapy.  “A lower dose” he said, but none than less CHEMOTHERAPY. I got very upset and didn’t say much but I was thinking,  “Absolutely not!” After seeking different medical opinions I made the decision that I would not do one more year of chemotherapy.  My preventive care has been a consistent Bikram Yoga practice, combined with a healthy nutritious diet. I went back to my full time job, full of energy and ready to go on with my life. I never thought I would say this but I missed my work days, having a routine, and feeling normal again.

Paula today

I was so passionate about Bikram Yoga that six months into my practice the opportunity of becoming a Bikram Yoga teacher showed up.  Best decision I ever made! Later on, the opportunity of becoming the Studio Manager showed up, and here I am now…I’m the Studio Manager and Yoga Instructor at Bikram Yoga Temecula!

In December of 2018 I will be three years in cancer remission.


Testimonial from Toneka Post – She Needed a Miracle

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“I have lived my entire life in back pain. I canʼt remember a time I didnʼt have it. I was born with congenital scoliosis. My spine was at 57% curve and 35% curve. At 13 years old I underwent spinal fusion surgery at 7 levels. I have two 14 inch Herrington rods and my right two ribs were used for fusion material. There is 3 1/2 inch difference in the length of my legs.

I am now 42 years old. I was overweight. I had such bad sciatic pain and bilateral radiating leg, weakness and numbness that I couldnʼt walk half a block. And so…..I needed a miracle….

And Then I was given one. Bikram Yoga. I started in October of 2017. I signed up with tears in my eyes and told Katy, “ I just want to be out of pain”.  I am now.

Toneka Post in Standing Bow

Toneka Post in Standing Bow

It is August 2018, 10 months later. I went hard 3 or 4 times a week when I could. Once or twice when I was busy. I couldnʼt do any of the poses in the beginning. But that didnʼt matter. I was doing it the best I could and giving it my all. It never mattered to anyone that I wasnʼt as good as the other students. Everyoneʼs hard work was acknowledged.

At first staying in the room was so hard. But slowly, everything changed. My body, my mind, my spirit. I see muscle definition all over my body where I had none. My arms are lean and the fat flabbiness is almost gone. My legs are solid muscle. I am beginning to see abs develop. I donʼt know how much I weigh because I donʼt even look at the number as important anymore. All of those antagonistic concepts I had about my own body are being replaced by a deep and heightened awareness and bond. I am so loving my body in a way I never could before.

So letʼs see. I just did a 4 mile hike in Mammoth (the last mile all uphill). And then got in my car and drove 6 hours. I went dancing all night. Didnʼt have to sit down once and then cleaned my carpets the next day. The pain is almost completely gone. I can still get sore if I push myself. But usually no matter how sore I am. One or two classes and the pain is gone again.

I am in awe of the knowledge that has been shared with me. I used to see a chiropractor and massage therapist weekly. I almost never need it now. This is special. Everyone should do this yoga. It will free you from all the limitations you think you have. Words cannot express how thankful I am for every teacher of yoga and those that passed this knowledge to me.”


Student of the Month Dec 2016 – Rosy Romo

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Five years ago, a friend suggested I try Bikram yoga to help cope with my postpartum depression.  Not wanting to resort to prescribed medications, I practiced 30 classes in 28 days. Not only did my postpartum depression go away, but I gained a new connection with myself. 

In 2012 we moved to Temecula and I was at BYT on opening day!  I had just been told by my doctor that I was pre diabetic, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and very overweight.  I needed to make big changes in my life so I practiced 105 times in 105 days. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I did every posture the best I could at that time. Upon returning to the doctor for more testing, I found that everything was back to normal! I lost 40 lbs and as I continued I kept losing the excess weight. My doctor was blown away by the radical changes and asked if I had gone on a diet. I told her I had started doing Bikram Yoga. Wanting to share the love and passion I have for Bikram Yoga, I decided to go to teacher training in the fall of 2013 to help others experience the benefits of this practice.

Being a mother and a military spouse has kept me very busy, yet during the difficult times that I’ve found my practice the most gratifying. I often get so busy I don’t know if I will make it to class but I am always a better version of myself after I have taken class.


I am pregnant with my second child and feel the need to keep practicing.  This has been the easiest and most enjoyable pregnancy! None of the typical aches and pains are there and I believe I owe it to my consistent practice.  I’m confident my consistent Bikram Yoga practice is keeping me strong and my baby healthy as well as preparing my body for a natural and beautiful birth.  

I have an amazing husband,  and a beautiful six-year-old daughter who I love spending time with.  They both know my yoga practice keeps me healthy and strong.  This yoga is medicine for the mind, body, and spirit and I do not ever plan on stopping!


Student of the Month October 2016 – Alma Fontes

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Attending a gym and not finding the workout that would balance my mind, body, and soul, I happened to stumbled upon BYT.  Not knowing anything about it, I bought a Groupon pass and committed for an entire month.

High anxiety nailed me in my first class.  I kept looking at the clock hands – they didn’t seem to move.  Those were the longest 90 minutes of my life… the thought  “Why did I get myself into this?” continually raced through my mind.  When it was over and driving home I felt renewed…my mind cleared of negative thoughts and all negativity had sweated out of my body.  I was hooked, and couldn’t wait to return the next day.

Alma StickI have been practicing at BYT over two years now.  Not practicing, I automatically notice the difference in my mood changes, lower energy, and an increase in anxiety. 

I was born in Long Beach, California. It was difficult growing up in an unstable and troubled home life which produced severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  Luckily, I found my soulmate at a young age, married 18 yrs and with three amazing kids.  My oldest, a junior in High School is an artist and bass player.  My son 14, a freshman in high school and talented musician plays the trumpet and oboe.  My youngest daughter is in choir and learning the bassoon.  We’re a close family and are happiest when in nature and traveling.

Alma Tree

Bikram Yoga has definitely helped me overcome many obstacles in my life. I’m able to look at myself in the mirror, love what I see and be a better person.  My emotional health improves drastically when I practice on a regular basis.  I’m grateful for meeting all the teachers at BYT, the beautiful happy faces, and having a little piece of heaven where I can relax, let go, and breathe.  


Student of Month August 2016 – Maudi Kolster

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I was 4 days away from completing a 60 day challenge at my Bikram Yoga studio in Laguna Hills when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The treatment protocol was amazing.  Weird to say but I believe with all my heart that years of Bikram yoga practice prepared my body to withstand the toxic chemicals.  I was not at all sick or nauseous, but was very careful to rest and remain in a stress-free environment. The good news is that two and a half years later, after a year of chemotherapy and four surgeries I was declared cancer free. Six months later, I underwent another surgery completely unrelated to the cancer. I did practice a few times in between surgeries though not enough to really make a difference. While the physical and emotional challenges battling the cancer were severe, the after effects were far more difficult.  The interruption produced severe financial consequences.  IMG_2280

I have 3 amazing children.  Kyle, 25 is an architect in Los Angeles,  Chloe, 24, just graduated from FIDM, is also in LA working within the fashion industry.  Olivia 18, just graduated from high school and is registered at community college with a goal to obtain a degree from either UCLA or USC.  Their love and support along with countless others during this time is something I deeply treasure and those experiences are “the good” that came out of a tragic circumstance.

Exactly a year ago, after my last surgery, my parents picked me up and took me to their home where they had prepared a room for me.  No longer able sustain my own home and take care of my daughters I felt I hit rock bottom.  No job, no home, no kids and 30 lbs. heavier; weighing more than my weight at nine months pregnant.  After 6 weeks of recuperation time, I decided to re-start my life.  While working part time for a retail establishment in Old Town Temecula, I joined the Bikram Yoga Temecula studio and made a personal goal of completing a 30 day challenge immediately from the start.  That was the kick-start to the healing in my head.

I started up my jewelry business again and so thrilled to be in a creative capacity once again.  The journey with God over the past 18 months has made my spiritual walk deep and strong.  I’m half way to my weight loss goal but more importantly, my body is re-generating from the inside out.  In all areas of my life, I’m not where I want to be yet, but happy to say, I’m not where I used to be!  Bikram Yoga has been a huge contributor!

My favorite posture is Triangle, my most challenging and least favorite is Awkward pose.  Curious to see what these postures will be a year from now!


New Class Schedule Starts July 5th!

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Please see our schedule online starting Tuesday, July 5th.  Our new schedule features a Tues/Thurs 8am class, daily 10am classes, and 5pm/7pm classes Mon-Thursday!   Coming soon is a 12pm class that will be 60 minutes and follow the same Bikram Series…stay tuned!


Student of the Month May ’16 – Shafik Elafrangi

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Starting Bikram was by far one of the greatest challenges of my life to date. For the first two sessions,  I was unable to stay in the room. I barely lasted an hour. It was HOT. Prior to Bikram, I had never even thought about my breathing outside of the gym.  My body had never felt like that before, and looking back I was probably close to passing out from exhaustion. After class I was full of questions. I asked nearly everyone I talked to about their Bikram experiences. To my surprise, everyone was extremely positive and happy to share. This was humbling because out of all the people I’d talked with, none of them left the room their first session!IMG_2191

I left the studio that day determined. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Why not? After all, I was young and physically fit. Unable to find a valid reason or excuse for my failure, I went home thinking about my next shot at redemption. For the remainder of the day I took extra precautions to eat healthier and hydrate myself. I made sure to be at my absolute best. However when the next class finally started, I wasn’t much better. Humiliated; I had to leave the room early yet again.

Even though I failed, I was even more determined to make it through. The third class had to be it. I simply had to do it. Thankfully, I managed to make it through my first class. The feeling of conquering the dreaded 90 minute session was glorious. My drive to excel in yoga was rekindled and my confidence restored.

Thankfully my persistence has paid off and since then I have learned much more about myself. The subtle things I have picked up along the way are so numerous it surprises me. Better yet, I am absolutely confident I would not have discovered these nuances any other way. The instructors have been so kind and devoted to helping me that it warms my heart.

Bikram Yoga is changing my life constantly and I crave it. Each day I wake up eager to learn more and do better. The structure of the classes is an aspect I especially enjoy. I can track my progress easily and take pride in the fact that each session pushes me to my limit.

Before Bikram, I was honestly very insecure about my disability. Since I was a kid, the doctors never had faith in me overcoming the condition. They said things like “you will never walk normal” or “even with stretching, it will only get worse as you age”. Sadly their attitudes leaked into my family and me. However I now know they were wrong. Perhaps they did not believe I could become such an active person or that I would develop the motivation to overcome it. Bikram has really changed my expectations! I knew I would be stretching for the rest of my life, and Bikram is truly a picture-perfect solution.

I am filled with gratitude and could not ask for a better environment to be a part of. I sincerely thank each and every member of the studio for their commitment to excellence and their genuine interest in every student. I will be a part of Bikram for the rest of my life.


Student of the Month March ’16 – David Spindler

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One of our first students here at Bikram Yoga Temecula, David, 52, has been practicing various forms of yoga for about ten years. He began practicing yoga hoping to ease his lower back pain, brought on by years of construction work. He practiced at several local gyms and yoga studios before he discovered Bikram. Regular Bikram practice, he says, has actually freed him of his lower back pain, and taught him some things about humility and restraint.Dave Spindler

Born in Washington D.C. David lived in Europe as a child, then in Colorado and Wyoming before his parents finally settled in San Diego. After a troubled adolescence, David joined the Marine Corps at a young age and travelled the Pacific. He settled in San Diego when he got out of the service, and started doing construction work. In 1990 he moved to Temecula, and in 1995 he started his own construction business. The recession was a trying period for David’s business, but the recent economic upswing has been good, and it has given David more time to devote to his family and yoga practice. He currently practices at least two to three times a week.

“My goal is to practice every day, strengthening my spine and meditative abilities. I often come to practice stressed and frazzled from my daily life, but I never leave that way. Practicing Bikram Yoga calms and centers me. I feel that the restraint, mental strength, and endurance I’ve gained in practice have helped me immeasurably in my life.” David says with a smile, “My long term aspiration is to be able to hold standing head to knee pose easily and indefinitely.”
“I feel that my yoga practice is come a long way from just seeking pain relief…there is much more than that to be gained. The answers to my everyday problems often come to me during practice. I intend to keep practicing, and learning.”


Bikram Yoga Helps Paulette Feraldi Hike the Grand Canyon in One Day!

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Do you remember that special goal setting yoga class in January that so many of us attended? Katy had us all share our own personal goal for 2016.  Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 2.08.23 PM

My goal was to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up again in one day. 17.5 miles total. It was so easy to say it, and as it turned out, much harder to achieve. Well, I can cross that one off my bucket list!

On March 5th, with my son, grandson, and granddaughter at my side, I achieved that goal. We headed down the South Kaibab trail at 7:00 am. Beautiful copper colored terrain at the top of the rim and 32 degrees to boot. Oh my aching knees, as hikers much younger passed me by! But I kept going.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 2.08.33 PMI thought of all those fixed firm poses that I couldn’t even do when I began practicing Bikram a few years ago but now can and somehow my knees made it down the steep path. When it was time to go back up, we switched over to the Bright Angel Trail. As I made my way up those switch backs, all those hours and hours of Bikram Yoga practice really paid off and powered me up that canyon. I know that if it were not for my Bikram Yoga Practice, I would never have been able to complete that hike in one day. Practicing Bikram Yoga gave me the strength, discipline, endurance, and determination to power my way down and back up the canyon. I’m proud to say that at nearly age 63, I hiked the Grand Canyon in one day.

Thank you Bikram Yoga for helping me to achieve my goal for 2016!


How to Improve Your Bikram Yoga Practice – Tip #2: Try the Right Way

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This is the second of five tips for the month to help you improve your Bikram Yoga practice!

As students, we so often want to be able to do everything in class, but due to old injuries, inflexibility or previously practicing different versions of the poses we find it difficult to perform the entire pose.  This is normal! abby in bow

In Bikram Yoga, you will often hear the teacher say, “Just try the right way and you will receive all the benefits of each pose.”  This means that rather than modifying, skipping or changing the posture, just do one step at a time.  When you get to a point where you are unable to do the next step…stay where you are and breathe.  With each class, you will go a bit further and will see that soon you can get to the next step and beyond.  Don’t worry about how high you are kicking your leg in Standing Bow…just kick back and up with as much strength as you have and you will develop more strength and flexibility by holding the pose still at your maximum.


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