Temecula's Only Bikram Hot Yoga Studio
41625 Enterprise Circle S. Temecula, CA 92590

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    Wed at 3pm and Sat at 1pm

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    Bikram Yoga Will Help You Lose Weight and Reduce Stress So You Can ENJOY Your Life!

    Whether you are suffering with arthritis, back pain, excess weight, stress or you are an athlete looking to reach your full potential,  you will achieve your goals though a regular Bikram Yoga practice.  Our team of experienced, caring and professional teachers will welcome you and assist you in developing an effective and consistent yoga practice where you will feel your very best.

    Call us today for a consultation to get started!


    Jenni Fiorino-Johnson, Student
    “Take a step in the door and get transported to a place of serenity and wellness. I’ve done yoga at other places but never found a place/teacher/atmosphere that I wanted to commit to. Until now.


    Is Bikram Yoga “The Original Hot Yoga”?

    YES!!! Bikram yoga is a therapeutic practice that will change your body and your life!  Your teacher will guide you through a sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises.  Don’t worry about what you can’t do…just by trying the postures you will stretch and strengthen your muscles, ligaments and joints, massaging and stimulating your organs glands and nerves! The heated room will help you properly warm up your muscles, in order to prevent injuries and allow you to work more deeply and safely.  And that’s not all…the heat helps cleanse toxins from the body by sweating. Kind of like a shower from the inside-out! Regular practice results in the healing of injuries, loss of unnecessary weight, and peace of mind.  This practice is ideal if you are a complete newbie to yoga, recovering from chronic illness or injuries, an athlete looking to reach a higher level, or just someone who wants to wake up every day to feel the best they can!


     Yoga Class Schedule

    Click here to see online schedule

    Mon      6am/9am/5pm/7pm(60min)
    Wed      6am/9am/5pm
    Tues/Thurs  9am /4:30pm(60min)/6:30pm
    Fri                    6am/9am/5pm
    Sat                   8am/10am/3pm(60min)
    Sun                 10am/3pm

    Additional Classes Offered:

    Yin Yoga –              Wed 3pm/Sat 1pm